Challenge Updates

I’ve been so bad at reviewing books and posting on the blog. We are 5 months into the year and this is how it’s going so far…

All year I have been reading spurts. I read for like a week straight and devour books but this never seems to last. Life always seems to get in the way. If only there were more hours in the day that I could just dedicate to reading.  Alas there is not, so I will continue my quest to conquer my never-ending and always growing TBR pile.

Challenge Update! I have read 16 of the 52 books I hope to get in for the year. According to Goodreads I am 5 books behind schedule and not at all worried. In the past week I have finished 4 books! But here is the break down on the mini challenges for the year.
Of the Re-Read Challenge I have only read 1 of 12 books. The Queen of the Tearling.
I’ve only done slightly better in the Finish the Series Challenge with 2 of 13 but not successfully finishing any of the 3 series yet. The Iron Knight. Iron Kissed.
As always the Flights of Fantasy Challenge is going strong with 6 of 12 books. The Hunter’s MoonHalf Bad. Half Wild. Talon. Rogue. Undertow.
I have only managed to read 2 of 12 books in the Fairytale Challenge but the next 3 books I plan to read come from here. Ensnared. Tiger Lily.
You may have noticed that I have read 16 books but only 9 were mentioned… not all of the books have fallen into one of these mini challenges.

With summer FINALLY here I hope and plan to get several books read towards finishing the Mercy Thompson series. These are great beach and pool reads! I love that they are all mass markets so I won’t feel awful if I was to say accidentally get these wet… cheap to replace makes them perfect for this time of year.


What is in your beach bag?


Here is a little extra for you!

I started a post back in January… here is a super late peek at a post that will never see the light of day. ‘I had the hardest time finishing a book this month. It was timing and exhaustion all combined and maybe I picked the wrong book to start the month with… I should have waited until Ensnared came out and started that one right away but I picked up a re-read, Hood, that I love but was constantly distracted by the beautiful cover of Ensnared. Once I gave in Feb first I was able to read Ensnared in 24 hours!’


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