Top Ten Tuesday


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Ten Book Related Problems I Have

◊Alice in Wonderland. There I’ve said it! I have a problem, I know it, I admit… I don’t care! I LOVE Alice in Wonderland and collect as many version I can get my hands on (I currently have 8). And little knick knacks related to it. I have a lovely display right now and I look forward to growing my collection.
◊Money is my biggest problem when it comes to books. I want to buy them ALL! Like all of them. Some from recommendations, reviews, to complete a series or just because of the lovely covers.
◊The hard cover verses paperback debate. If I start a series in hard cover all subsequent books must be in the same format. No matter how difficult they may be to find.
◊Beauty & the Beast gave me an unrealistic image of a home library that I’ll never have but always want. Although I am well on my way…
◊I just do not have enough room for my books. I ran out of bookshelves years ago and no matter how many more I buy it’s never enough.
◊Moving. Do you know how heavy books are? I mean seriously it’s ridiculous! Shhh don’t tell anyone but my boxes of books may actually weigh more than all my furniture combined.
◊I do not have enough time to read as much as I would like. I could spend days just reading but being an adult gets in the way with work and errands.
◊The stack of books I ‘needed’ but just sit on my shelves and will probably never get read. I have an entire bookshelf devoted to these. I was so sure I would read them at one point in time but over time my tastes have changed they just sit there collecting dust. Before you ask.. No I cannot give them away or sell them… I NEED them.
◊Writing reviews. Why is it so hard?! I know I should write them as soon as I’m done reading a book but I always procrastinate for days and sometimes weeks. I can never figure out what to write without giving too much away.
◊Waiting for the next book in a series to come out is the worst. When you fall in love with a book and then you have to wait a WHOLE year for the next to come out. I believe this is a form of curl and unusual punishment.


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