2015 Challenges

There are several challenges that I am excited to participate in this year! Having them all on one introductory post will help keep me organized and sane. If I find more as the weeks go on I’ll just update this post with the new information. Because I am doing several challenges my book goals will stay low but maintainable for each individual challenge. While a lot of my books could probably fall into several challenges, 1 book will only count for 1 challenge.

Re-read Challenge

Re-Read Challenge

I have been wanting to re-read some of my favorite books for awhile now and here’s the perfect excuses! My book goal is 12 books for this challenge. I have some listed below that I’m all too excited to read again but left some room for mood reading as well. A lot of these books were so incredible that I read them in 24-48 hours the first time around. I hope to fall in love with these all over again

-Grisha Trilogy  -Last 3 Harry Potter books  -Raven King Trilogy  -Queen of the Tearling

Flights of Fantasy Challenge


This will probably be the easiest portion of my challenges because the majority of my reads tend to fall under fantasy. Again my book goal is 12. I know it’s kind of low but I really want to branch out to other genres. Here are some of the books I’ve set aside:

-Pendragon Cycle  -The Hobbit  -Talon and Rogue  -Invasion of the Tearling

Fairytale Challenge

(Unless you are Snow White)_thumb[3]

As soon as I saw this was a challenge I was in! I think this may stem from my love for Disney and the brothers Grimm. I am going to aim for the Big Bad Wolf level (10-15 books)

-Ensanred  -Tiger Lily  -Alias Hook  -Sacrlet  -Queen of Hearts  -Princess of Thorns

Finishing the Series Challenge Finishing the Series

I need to do this so bad! I’m famous for starting a series but not finishing for one reason or another. I’m going to go for level 3 (expert) and finish 3 series! Here are my series and the books I need to finish.

The Mercy Thompson series: 3 Iron Kissed 4 Bone Crossed 5 Silver Borne 6 River Marked 7 Frost Burned 8 Night Broken

Iron Fey series: 4 The Iron Knight 5 The Lost Prince 6 The Iron Traitor

Kara Gillian series: 5 Touch of the Demon 6 Fury of the Demon 7 Vengeance of the Demon

52 Book Pickup Challenge

This challenge is hosted by my local library! I attempted this challenge last year but was late to the party and did not quite finish. This is my over all goal for reading and my Goodreads goal reflects this. Having several smaller reading challenges is really going to help me make it this year and it won’t seem so overwhelming.   Here are some of my favorite covers for the books listed above!

ensnared tiger lilyTHE QUEEN OF TEARLINGtuckseriesgrisha-trilogy-covers


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